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Drone Unfriendly Skies

14 Aug 2013
In: Cultural Norms, San Francisco
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The geography and infrastructure that supports or detracts from the ability of autonomous things to move around.
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Power Source

28 Apr 2012
In: Cultural Norms, Shanghai
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Colour Coded

28 Jul 2011
In: Cultural Norms, Shanghai
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Operating theatre, Shanghai.
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11 Feb 2011
Phone charging stall, art.
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Personal Content is King

In a world of personal music devices the taxi driver with the audio-in cable is king. Careening around Almaty listening to the driver’s head banging …
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Natural Router / Tree Hacks

06 Feb 2010
In: Handan, Street Hacks
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Trees hacked to optimise the shade for pedestrians and vehicles – creates a natural space for routing phones lines and electricity cables.
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