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A Sense of Ownership

The distance between you here (your physical presence) and you there (your public and private online presence) is closing. How might this affect us? And …
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How We Communicate

03 May 2013
In: Baalbek, Design Inspiration
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Subtle subversion #2: What’s App.
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Placeholder Queuing

14 Jul 2012
In: Cultural Norms, Kajo Keji
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At the waterpump outside Kajo Keji civil hospital.
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Profiting from Loss, Theft & Other Sustainable Business Models

I had the good fortune to lose my iPhone 4 this week, left in a taxi whilst juggling small child, the usual thing. In China …
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Unexpected Profit Centers

07 Jun 2012
In: Future Perfect, Singapore
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Unexpected Profit Centers Somewhere in Cupertino a bean counter has a little shrine to Visa and MasterCard. Whilst the iPhone has helped redefine the ‘mobile phone’ in …
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Personal Data as Asset Class

Those of you looking to stretch your thinking on the personal data discussion will want to peruse the WEF’s Personal Data: The Emergence of a …
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When the Worst is Good Enough

11 Feb 2011
You’re a road-side vendor offering phone charging services – what are the pre-conditions for investing in a solar panel for your business? A lack of …
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Steal Me

Local government office pen anti-theft mechanism. What if we reverse this logic? What would it take to encourage the pens to be ‘stolen’? What business model …
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Laundry Lists

24 Sep 2010
In: Almaty, Design Inspiration
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The hotel laundry form – a format that is as uniform as the business hotels that supply them. The guest lists the number of items …
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Things That Make You Go Ssiiiihht

30 Jul 2010
Ssiiiihht: that’s the sound that a consumer makes when she buys a spare phone/laptop charger – the sharp intake of breathe that comes from …
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