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02 Mar 2013
In: Barcelona, Street Hacks
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Mobile World Congress turns an otherwise interesting city into an overpriced sewer overrun with suits. Have witnessed the inside of more taxis and limos than …
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28 Sep 2010
In: Cultural Norms, Kyoto
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Personal Content is King

In a world of personal music devices the taxi driver with the audio-in cable is king. Careening around Almaty listening to the driver’s head banging …
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Audio Equipment

07 Feb 2010
In: Research Methods
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Basics &#187 Olympus Voice Recorder for basic audio &#187 Sony PCM D-50 Audio Recorder Sony PCM-D50 for high quality audio &#187 Sony Dead Cat Muffler – for any …
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The Evolution of the Car Interface

17 Nov 2009
In: Future Perfect, San Antonio
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If you’re an early riser, drive a car to work and are an heavy iPod user then you’ve probably been confronted with a drained car …
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Audio Optional

17 Feb 2008
In: Cultural Norms, Salt Lake City
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Audio jack ATM machine, Salt Lake City airport.
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14 Oct 2007
In: Design Inspiration, Roppongi Hills
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Exploration of sound, and ways of creating sounds at Kurikku. A user interface designer’s playground.
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18 Aug 2005
In: Louiseville, Today's Office
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Tonight trying to conduct interviews in a cafe in Louisville, Kentucky. Particular challenges are: bad lighting conditions meaning either long exposures or having to use night …
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