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Desert Push

10 May 2015
In: Somalia, Somaliland, Today's Office
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In Somalia/Somaliland for a project, good crew, interesting times. The tail-end to a month on the road that has taken in Milan, Lisbon, London, Oslo …
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Mobile / Home Theory

19 Apr 2015
In: Cultural Norms, Myanmar
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Photo credit: Venetia Tay. In cultures where guests are frequently invited into the home, the home is the dominant mechanism for communicating stories about ourselves, what …
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The Psychology of Packing

Why the way you pack shapes your journey For many travellers wheeled luggage is the most efficient way of getting from known-A to known-B. The reality …
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100 Questions for the Young Creative

01 Mar 2015
In: Design Inspiration, Tokyo
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What question do you wish you’d asked earlier in your careers? Read: 100 Questions for the Young* Creative. * or young at heart.
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A Year of Reflection

14 Feb 2015
In: Myanmar, Today's Office
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Last week I spoke at the IxDA conference in San Francisco. A number of people asked for a copy of the talk + slides. It’s …
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08 Feb 2015
In: Seoul, Today's Office
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Two meetings in Seoul. Early morning commute.
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Outside Looking In

08 Feb 2015
In: Chengdu, Cultural Norms
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Your world view depending on whether you’re inside or outside of the bubble. Passing through Chengdu.
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The Build

28 Jan 2015
In: Future Perfect, Zhonglui
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A week in China. Good times.
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