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SDR Traveller

Salar De Uyuni

I’m pleased to announce the launch of SDR Traveller and the D3 Duffel.

Some of you have seen glimpses of D3 prototypes over the past three years. It’s been my go-to luggage for extended travel – from Afghanistan to Brazil and and then some. Three years of hand luggage, a nuanced appreciation of context and place.

Bringing a product to life is of course a team effort: both in the workshop and through our global beta-testers. Thank-you to both.

This started out as a need for custom luggage that suited the kind of travel and contexts that you’ve seen documented on this site. It’s early days, but from the feedback we may have created something that goes well beyond that. Pay attention to the journey and the company you keep and the destination takes care of itself.

As a side note – the D3 photo shoot took place in Bolivia while scouting new projects for Studio D and acclimatising for an ascent on Huayna Potosi (only made it to alt 5.6k, beaten back by a storm, good excuse to go back). Didn’t expect the detour to the salt flats to be so photogenic.

Some of you have talked about taking your own product journey. My own journey was inspired by Abe at Outlier.