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Another week in Myanmar draws to a close. Today’s studio visitor summed up what we’ve achieved here: to create a space that is truly in tune with thinking and discussion and sense making and building, time with the team, time alone on the butterfly treetop deck to reflect and that while we’re all focussed on the end goal that it does’t look or feel like work. Assuming we deliver (and you never know until it’s done) this is the highest accolade. It’s also why it’s better to have the kind of clients that appreciate the nuances of quality (deliverables, training, communications, and a more aligned, recharged team), a business model that makes it viable, and to be able to pull on the best and most committed people for the job, wherever they may be. Which if it doesn’t challenge you worldview means you’re either there already or are with the wrong company.


Kalaw: Popup Studio