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Today’s Office / Korean Print Launch

Lhasa: Light Rains

I’m pleased to announce the publication of my second book: Today’s Office.

My Korean publisher was the first to snap it up so for now it’s in Korean print edition only. Hidden is doing OK in the US, became a best-seller in Korea leading to a bunch of opportunities. Looking forward the Japanese launch in a couple of months.

What’s Today’s Office about? It documents a year and a bit on the road, and is based on the Today’s Office thread on this very blog. I rewrote selected posts for book format, went back to the original hi-resolution images and added additional context, a couple of bonus articles and a full index. It’s full colour, 190 pages and 128 photos.

To celebrate I’m releasing two limited edition black & white prints Light Rains and The Pitch. They can be purchased from the Studio D Radiodurans.

Tokyo: The Pitch