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Alpine Flower

03 Nov 2013
In: Design Inspiration, Yading
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A few days up in Ganzi Tibet Autonomous Prefecture དཀར་མཛེས་བོད་རིགས་རང་སྐྱོང་ཁུལ་, one of the more remote parts of Sichuan province, prior to starting a project in …
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It Could Only Happen

02 Nov 2013
In: Daocheng, Design Inspiration
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It could only happen on a Saturday night in Pàng dàjiě, the Fat Older Sister Restaurant. On the flat-screen in the corner Chinese WWII dramas play …
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Privacy Mantra

12 Oct 2013
In: Future Perfect, Gulangyu
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Those who erode privacy profit from its invasion, can afford to pay to cover their tracks and/or lead dull lives.
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I’ve spent the last year exploring the value that can be drawn from different forms of data ranging from client’s “big data” through to building …
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Your Face Here

29 Sep 2013
In: Design Inspiration, Shibuya
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As many of my friends appreciate I’m camera shy. Partly it’s a desire for privacy, and partly it is because more photos makes my work …
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The (Economics of the) Generator

17 Sep 2013
In: Cultural Norms, Herat
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Roadside bottle-on-a-barrel fuel for the generator can be cheaper than a more formal petrol station, but does carry the risk of dirtying and shortening …
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Grain Merchant & Sons

15 Sep 2013
In: Cultural Norms, Herat
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In Herat, while the team was finishing interviews at the local Roshan office, wandered down the street doing ad-hocs with a few traders. This gent …
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Bottle on a Barrel

15 Sep 2013

Bicycle Protection

15 Sep 2013
In: Kabul, Street Hacks
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Party. Articulated.

13 Sep 2013
In: Cultural Norms, Myanmar
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What you stand for. And how it is communicated. From Myanmar.
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