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Reflections on Glass, References

Arlington: power up options

A few references for the You Lookin’ at Me? Reflections on Google Glass article from last week.

Changing consumer expectations with shared-services such as ZipCar; The challenges in signalling discretion when everyone’s online identity is a click, swipe or glance away; how ANA and a few other airlines flipped the anti-social nature of airline seats internalising the knee recline; one of my favourite could-look-at-it-for-hours photos from Delhi airport depicting tethered social dynamics; the dynamics of social contracts; a how to sit poster on the Seoul subway; the use of phone numbers on cars as a social lubrication mechanism in Seoul; about what it means when (my many metrics) the rights to your face is owned by Google or other similar connecting companies in It’s Not Your Face, It’s Ours;

And not least, my talented co-conspirator on the Nokia head mounted display study was Raphael Grignani, currently writing his business plan for Jauntful.

Photo: petrol station. What options for electrical charging will exist in any given market place? How will they be dispersed/clustered?