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When the Dust Is Still in the Air

Abu Dhabi: view from

There’s a point in most journey’s when you finally feel you’re underway, where the motion and dust of travel finally settle into a jet lagged haze. Trying to cue up eight weeks of work in a consultancy is tricky to say the least – rapidly changing schedule based on client pitches, projects and meetings, anchored by a few external facing events.

This trip started last week in Abu Dhabi (pictured) with Chicago (IIT), Boston (MIT, MSR) and NYC (NYU, book launch) this week. So much more to follow: multiple climate zones; continued robustness testing on the D2 baggage prototype; time on an island in the Pacific.

Photo? One of those fuck-it-the-flight-leaves-in-5-hours-why-bother-sleeping-head-into-the-desert kinda mornings from Abu Dhabi. See you on the other side, but don’t expect a smile.