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Memories are Made of This

Rio de Janeiro: tunnels

Memories from the past ~week in Brazil: working with a tight crew with their eyes on the destination, but in it for the ride; being pulled over at a police roadblock and turning their hustle for a payoff into our hustle for photos (how to build gringa cred with your hard-as-nails driver – we were laughing all the way to the cemetery, our intended destination); favela research and not quite knowing whether the motorbike had short enough handlebars to make the tight alleyways or high enough CCs to carry it up the hill (we spilled off at one point); stories of the Brazilian dream mapped onto dense urban realities; and a decompression of sorts with people working the land, food on the table pulled from the earth.

Sertão Do Taquari: forest of rain

Quite the ~week. SF for the weekend, NYC in the next.