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Sponsorship & Disgrace

Tokyo: Nike, run.

How does athletic sponsorship and doping disgrace play out when digital memories are more persistent, and its easier to storify past hype?

How does our perception of Nike change when Armstrong-featuring Nike adverts are displayed alongside his achievements? Who makes the link today? Who makes the link tomorrow? How much effort is involved in making that link.

In an augmented reality view of the world, where the information/advertising in front of is decided in part (but taken holistically not wholly) decided by us, a world where “attention” is acutely measured, Nike will literally be competing with your desire to know more, question more, in the arena for that attention.

[definition] “interstitial link advertising”: in a world where intent is measured by action e.g. clicking on link, blinking, spoken response etc, the opportunity for an advertiser to intercept the intended destination and (for a price, naturally) link to an alternate. In a multitasking world the choice of Link A: “free” content versus Link B: “credits”. Probably relies on multitasking participants and split attention spans. Think of it as a mini-auction for your attention span in the time between triggering an action and the outcome appearing.