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The (Autonomous) Crowd That Gathers

Shanghai: the crowd that gathers

A natural scene the world over – where the synchronicity and flow of the street is interrupted by a breaking of the formal and informal rules, a heightened sense of drama as the protagonists negotiate through body language, evidence and power moves who is responsible, and to what degree. There will be a redistribution of wealth, but for now nobody’s quite sure in which direction.

This is also a very visible manifestation of what will come to pass.

In a world of insurance, police and personal Scene Capture drones, each side will gather data to support their, and their vehicle’s world view of what happened up to the accident, forging allegiances with personal sensor networks in the local environment to strengthen their case, weaken the opposition. As the sophistication and the reliability of the Scene Capture drones increases their adoption will spread beyond professionals to come as standard with the car itself, part of our whirring, purring and clickity-clacking entourage.

Stuck in traffic and want to see what’s happening 5 cars ahead? Release one out of the sun roof. Want to rubberneck an accident for a few seconds more? Send up a Linger Cam.

“In the event you do not have a Scene Capture drone – one will be provided for you.”

Shanghai: the crowd that gathers