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Missed, Mixed Emotions

Portland: missed emotions

The electric toothbrush is a wonderful invention – even if Braun’s milking of the its patent portfolio with propriety toothbrush heads feels like price gouging over time. But two aspects of the electric toothbrush experience don’t work: first ‘holding’ the toothbrush with teeth whilst multitasking with both hands is a sub-optimal experience (note to Braun – figure out how to stop the motor when this happens); and second – the missing emotional connection that comes from putting the toothbrush in a glass or cup with the toothpaste. It’s like pasta and parmesan, crumpets and butter or xiaolongbao and chinkiang – quite simply they go together. And the feeling is amplified when on the road and checking into a hotel – that glass, that toothbrush, that toothpaste turn a bathroom into your bathroom.

Innovations often take objects out of their comfort zone, the key is to recognise the opportunity, and the cost.

Portland: missed emotions

Portland for a couple of days, syncing with bright minds.