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Don’t Worry. Don’t Be Happy

Beirut: sign post

In Beirut for a couple of days – an opportunity to catch up with friends, sup good coffee and write an upcoming talk or two.

I’m not a big fan of city guides – it’s far more enjoyable to find oneself by getting lost, tho its worth making an exception for the delightful
Beyroutes – a Guide To Beirut which includes off-kilter insights such as “holding hands is ok but don’t take PDA (public displays of affection) further than this” and “don’t straighten your hair unless you know there’s an hour of electricity” (both in reference to the neighbourhood of Dahieh/Dahiya, rather than Beirut itself); and “what to do when you hear an explosion”.

Hint: don’t panic; don’t call anyone; dont’ turn on the TV or radio; don’t try to understand what or why this has happened; don’t worry; don’t be happy. Sound advise whatever your city.