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Inconveniencer and the Inconvenienced

Seoul: autonomous mobility

Some of you are old enough to remember address books that aren’t connected – when the loss of a little black book or mobile phone triggered considerable consternation of tracking down and losing touch with friends. Connectivity and a not-a-little smarts changes everything, once you’ve enjoyed persistence its difficult to imagine how it was before.

Now capture that thought change lanes and scale up to autonomous vehicles. What happens when we combine your communication and calendar logs (forward knowlededge of your intended destinations) with a dynamic, futures marketplace where parking spaces can be bought and sold ahead of time (a semi-public resource to be booked, traded, in real-time based on known destination information). In this world a parking fine can also be negotiated automatically – the inconveniencer paying off the inconvenienced, with a cut going to the ‘fines’ facilitator.