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Hearts, Minds & Feet

Mazar e Sharif: slip on, slip off

The moment after the interview – when yours truly, the fixer, the connector and the participant – a hawala agent in the local money bazaar leave the working space and negotiate the stepping stones of footwear. The temptation when traveling in Afghanistan is to go booted – hardy all-terrain gear – whereas the practical reality in any social situation is for footwear can slip-on, slip-off without interrupting the flow of movement or conversation. Ease in, ease out.

Any idiot can roll up in para boots – I’ve see a few in my time.

Hearts and minds is not enough.

Think feet.

Mazar e Sharif: slip on, slip off

Trend spotter bonus points – the TJTJ branded brown dress shoes pictured above, hand-crafted in Wenzhou by Yiwanda Shoes Co. Ltd – purveyors of taste for Afghanistan’s upwardly mobile entrepreneurs since 1995.