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The Consequences of Ad-hocs

Mazar e Sharif: the consequences of ad-hocs

Darting around Mazar e Sharif on the back of a trial-bike doing ad-hoc interviews with manual labourers. There are consequences to asking questions and taking photos where-ever you go, but I haven’t felt experienced the risk/rewards quite as acutely as these last few weeks.

Take a photo of a building site in London or Los Angeles and the biggest issue you are likely to come up against is illegal labour – undocumented and/or untaxed. But in Afghanistan the primary issue of turning up on a building site is likely to be who owns the property being built, and where they got the money to fund the construction.

Some conversations you want to get into, and some you don’t.

Having said that – working at the pace we’re at – hopping onto and off of the bike to shoot photos, and the fact that my motorbike driver’s identity is obscured by a headscarf that covers his entire face save for his dark glasses, I suspect that we’re the ones under suspicion.