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Touchdown, Bingo.

Shanghai: morning haze

Hello Shanghai.

For once I’m not marching to the rhythm of a work schedule and can enjoy jet lag for what it is – an opportunity to break the daily flow and float around in that etherial space that is not quite here, but is also definitely still not there. Not that this particularly rhythm needs that much breaking – traveling long-haul with a 4 month old comes with its own set of parameters which doesn’t include much sleep.

With the new gig starting July there’s still a little time to find a French Concession apartment; sort out a Chinese working visa and see a little of the world. Home for the next few weeks is the Jia Shanghai before hitting the road, skies and (the Kyrgyz road access permitting) the odd snowy mountain pass. Been in the comfort zone for far too long – time to take it up a notch.

En route I’ll be dropping by Berlin for the Typo: Passion conference – a welcome return to a city that I once called home even if theres something both humbling and horrifying about being given a stage for 45 minutes and an open mike. I might just expand on the ‘cultural nuances of sex’ presentation that I gave to a rather intense Mindshare LA in February – the first and quite probably only time I’ve ever given a presentation with a 2 month old baby strapped to my chest. I’m still trying to figure out how best to present material on what is (still for many) a taboo subject.

And come July I’ll be returning to London for the The Guardian Activate 2010 Summit a welcome opportunity to catch up with seriously smart people applying their smarts to serious issues, all be it with a hug and a smile.

Don’t be shy, ping for meets.