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Realities Distorted

Salton Sea: reflection

Water reflection of a powerline tower above (rotated photograph above) and the full dawn scene below. Thought for today – the reflective properties of surfaces now, and then a few years down the line when high resolution displays+ (that are difficult to distinguish from y’know, reality) will be finding their way into many more contexts.


What happens when a large reflective surface (high resolution outdoor display) is able to call upon: people and eye+ tracking; and has an ambient awareness of it’s context including a fine-grained understanding (photographs, 3D data) of its immediate surroundings; and knows your augmented reality preferences i.e. whether and how to augment. Given that what’s right for you is wrong for the next person in what contexts will this best work?

You know that feeling you get today when a text box is just a text box – no auto-complete, to spelling correction – one day you’ll feel the same twinge of frustration when you’re interacting with a surface that you mistook for a surface+.

It’s impossible to talk about displays without mentioning Kevin Kelly’s essay on Becoming Screen Literate. Extrapolate.

Salton Sea: dawn