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Newer Horizons

Hawaii: attitude at altitude

I’ve resigned from Nokia.

From July 1st I’ll be taking up a new role at frog design working out of their Shanghai studio.

My time at Nokia has been immensely rewarding – working alongside many smart and dedicated people in roles ranging from Principal Scientist in the Tokyo research lab to Design Strategist in their Los Angeles design studio. Whilst you might expect the common thread to be user-ux-research-concept-design-strategy related, I prefer to think of it as an intellectual honesty about what does and doesn’t work; an inquisitiveness with the world around us; and ultimately keeping things on a human scale. I’m proud to have played a role in the creation of products and services that every day positively affect hundreds of millions of people, and equally important (but often overlooked) in bringing global voices, including many of yours into a corporation that today has over a billion active customers. Operating at that scale carries with it a particular sense of responsibility that goes way beyond job description and share price. Along the way I’ve enjoyed the conversations that have come from putting a slither of the research out there and its rewarding to see it increasingly resonate on a wider stage. Given all this, why leave?

The simple answer is that I’ve been made a better offer.

My new role in frog promises a wider remit; a meaningful position in a growing, enterpreneurial and creatively driven company, one that understands and values life beyond the confines of the office/studio/boardroom. I’ll still be keeping one foot in the telecoms world – and in fact will shortly be announcing a mobile-related project in Afghanistan, but I look forward to working across industries, including potentially with former competitors. Being based out of Shanghai will take me back to a continent that better reflects our global future; and delivers on many of the little day-to-day interactions that make life interesting.

The new gig starts July 1st.

Enough time to pack up the apartment and take in a bit of the world.

See you on the other side.