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Pre-Caching Behaviours

Tibet: tracking location

Train across the Tibetan Plateau – being out in remoter climes makes for a good place to test mapping software. Unsurprisingly this is not a data-friendly environment – mobile data services were only available for short periods of time as we passed the occasional cell tower, but the map application worked well enough since they were pre-loaded.

How is your trip preparation different when you know that data access will be sparse? What kinds of caching or pre-caching behaviours do you go through in anticipation of being there but not being connected?’

The subtle difference between writing down information that is needed later in the day, versus opening applications and forcing them to pre-load the information you anticipate needing. And how as bandwidth, behavioural patterns and storage capacity enable us to pre-load and carry significantly more information than we do today.

The internet in your pocket? For some people in some contexts this will be the reality.