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Transgression Transparency

Geneva: smart parking

Transgressions that become more obvious as the context changes – the parking equivilent of saying the punchline to a rude joke just as the room goes quiet.

Today’s notion of car parking changes when the roads are full of autonomous vehicles – if yours can’t find a parking space it simply cruises the neighbourhood until required by its owner (along of course with the rest of the driver-less vehicles – boy that will be a quality-of-life kind of neighbourhood to hang out in). When gridlock is merely an ad-hoc car park who has a vested interest and power to create then dissapate gridlock? Given the wide variety of vested interests to what extent will car parking become a centrally co-ordinated activity – the Central Traffic Authority relying on real-time schedule updates to micro-coordinate the delivery of your personal or personal-shared vehicle.

Assuming that a self-driving, self-parking car is programmed to park within legal boundaries, how much would you pay for the make-the-most-of-what’s-out-there hack?