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Kinder Surprise

Las Vegas: a Tenga male masturbation egg

A newly designed Tenga egg male masturbation device (above), a freebee from the Adult Entertainment Expo since you ask. A curious half-dozen of sex/egg related threads on this restless Los Angeles night:

The extent to which increased security in airports, train stations and hotels changes our purchasing and carrying behaviours of taboo products – people are more likely to buy items like this at their destination rather than risk discovery. An unfortunate personal example from Helsinki here.
Eggs used in Indonesian street vendor tonics to cure all ailments and enhance libido here.

Raising the red lantern during a recent trip to in Oman.

The role of design of libido enhancer packaging in China.

Continuing on the lonely, well trodden path that is male pleasuring devices – the all-time most popular Future Perfect post remains the Tokyo Design Week chandelier made from penis pleasuring-device inserts. I just post it – it’s you dear reader that makes it popular.
And to end things on a more wholesome note: the use of colour coding to denote which eggs are boiled and which are not from Afghanistan here.

Kinder. Surprised? They probably would be.