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Freebasing on the Frontline

Kabul: flat-bread, fresh

Shipping out to UAE/Afghanistan this week – a trip that promises aplenty.

For those of you who are outbound-link challenged and can’t read this – I’m proud to announce that I’ll be joining the advisory board for FrontlineSMS. It takes smarts and a huge amount of energy to build, ship, maintain and propagate software – all credit to Ken Banks and his team for generating such momentum and ultimately for delivering something that makes a huge difference to people who are out there making it happen (unlike us desk-jockeys). Helping the back office and the frontline communicate. Kudos.

It’s relevance to this photo from Kabul? Was taken just before an interview with the head of security at a prominent NGO – they used FrontlineSMS as a vital part of its strategy to maintain links with field workers. Redundancy in a world of extreme latency is a good thing.