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Mental Undo

Tokyo: driving simulator

Managed to total the Prius today which is I guess, to be expected when you do a hand break turn in heavy snow. Should have bought car insurance.

A chain of events kind of morning – applying for permanent residence in Japan requires proof of commitment to stay in the country, is helped along by locally issued driver’s license, which will later mean a lot of form filling in some out of the way driving center, but for now simply means heading down to the deepest, darkest Minato ku to have my UK driver’s license translated. Even after 8 years in Japan it takes time to prove you are really you.

The Japan Automobile Federation is empty save for a gaggle of polite uniformed staff, a dozen colourful seats and a large driving simulator raised up on 8 pistons. The car’s interface is plush enough to feel real and the car doesn’t start until you buckle up. The uniforms look up and lipstuck lips smile when the inevitable crash occurs, one of them takes pity walks over to the simulator, leans across the front seat and presses a large, satisfyingly red reset button. An engine purrs.

If you work a lot with computers you’ve probably found yourself trying to mentally undo a ‘real’ world actions. As the distinction between physical and digital grows you’ll get your opportunity, at least in certain circumstances.

Everyone deserves a reset button.

A mental undo.