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Alternate States

Tokyo: minted water

Monday afternoon taking a teleconference call from home – sharing the line with an early riser in Espoo, and a LA based Design Studio colleague driving home from a Sunday night gig at the ‘Bowl – the three of us united by the need to consolidate knowledge before the summer break. The meeting generates a short to-do list, one that can wait at least a few hours, and the carbon fibre of the bike creaks a little with an out-of-saddle acceleration. Every city has its urban sunset – sights and sounds so everyday they are as natural as the solar cycle: a shinkansen glides over the Tamagawa River as the five o’clock song is broadcast from a nearby factory. The road stretches ahead, a little energy reserved for first real hill climb of the day.

Tuesday afternoon, in the office-office and every item on the to-do list has been crossed off. Take the elevator down the reception and feel an involuntary smile light up from within, the mental packing has begun. On the ride home the open air pool beckons, breathing regulated 50 by 30.

This morning nursing a decent Colombian for breakfast, building one last email from a flurry of comments in the inbox. The most enjoyable aspect of team work is seeing unique skills applied to a whole, that will one day be shared.