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Tokyo: poster wars

Posters for local politicians on this Sangenjaya – look carefully at the face of the third poster to see it has been gently vandalised.

In many of the places you see static advertising today you should expect find some form of dynamic advertising tomorrow – South Korea is probably the most advanced culture in terms of ‘displays everywhere’. Imagery that reacts to ambient factors such as the time of the day, the weather, who is walking by and of course their purchasing habits, and perhaps also an equally dynamic poster from a competitor.

By 2015 some form of poster-baiting will have entered the arsenal of bored teens around the world – think Google bombing but with the sole aim of tipping dynamic, sensor aware advertising hoardings into some form of errant behaviour. The only thing more fun than a dynamic, sensor aware poster featuring a politician is one at odds with the other sensor aware poster featuring a politician. May the best algorithm win.