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Today’s Office

London: upcycled working mobile phone

Today’s office will last a good eight hours longer than normal so I’m settling in for the long haul. Seat 6F on United 955 to San Francisco to be precise.

A presentation on Street Hacks to sort through, an opportunity to reflect on the pleasantly tactile Remade. And until airlines start subsidising ticket prices with in-flight cellular coverage – no interruptions from people talking on their mobiles. There are (at least) two ways to make money from mobile phones on planes: charge an arm and a leg for connectivity; charge a premium for customers wanting to be out of listening range of anyone with cellular connectivity. What price sanity? Especially in the veritable goulash of cultural mobile phone usage norms that is a transatlantic flight.

A body that hasn’t yet arrived in London, a mind that’s trying to work through a half-week to be spent in the valley (Silicon not San Fernando), and a heart recalibrating the quickest route home to Tokyo. See you on the other side.