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Hearts, Minds, Wallets

Tokyo: vending machine

In the battle for a presence in your wallet this prepaid card does well by maintaining an ultra-slimmed down credit card form factor. 4,000 Yen (about 25 Euro) buys you 10+1 entries into the Daikanyama pool with the amount of credit remaining is printed on the front on the card after each transaction. Japanese swimming pools have their own unique culture ranging from walking lanes to everyone-out-of-the-pool for whilst we check for floating bodies and submerged body parts, to the changing-of-the-(life)-guard. Visitors to Tokyo with a desire to shake off a bad dose of long-haul should head over to Daikanyama Pool – a mere five minutes walk from the eponymous station, fifteen minutes walk from Shibuya. Map here. It’s a less touristy destination than sento but a subtly nuanced slice of everyday Tokyo life.