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Contactless Confusion

30 Dec 2008
In: Future Perfect, Shinagawa
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A feature of contactless cards is the ability to authenticate (pass through ticket barriers/make payments/…) without removing the card from the wallet or purse. Except that …
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Packaging Norms

30 Dec 2008
In: Cultural Norms
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Japanese Mountain Colour Palette

29 Dec 2008
In: Akedake, Cultural Norms
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Mountain Blessings

25 Dec 2008
In: Akedake, Today's Office
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500 Yen buys a donation to the spirit of the mountain on a day where every ounce of energy and smarts was needed to make …
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Aspirational Patents

20 Dec 2008
In: Chengdu, Today's Office
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Received a parcel from the State Intellectual Property Office of the People’s Republic of China this week – for a granted patent on fuel cell …
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Time / Comparison

12 Dec 2008
In: Future Perfect
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The tools we have access to to capture a snapshot of the world – whether a mobile phone, access to a news stream or an …
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Local Allegiances

11 Dec 2008
In: Design Inspiration, Sangenjaya
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Whether, how we show our social/business ties.
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For Me For You

09 Dec 2008
In: Cultural Norms, Sangenjaya
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Mental Undo

09 Dec 2008
In: Shinagawa, Today's Office
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Managed to total the Prius today which is I guess, to be expected when you do a hand break turn in heavy snow. Should have …
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The Way We Way Find

07 Dec 2008
In: Cultural Norms
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The time frame in which this array Ebisu neighbourhood maps will be replaced a single digital alternative? If everyone carries a device that can access the …
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