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Display Norms

Urumqi: shops_1

Urumqi is China’s western-most trading post – the city being dotted with thousands of small shops making the most of limited display space to push as many products to their central Asian visitors as is possible. A typical example above.

Departing through Urumqi’s Diwopu had more in common with a new year department store scrum than an airport. Waiting in line turn down several cash offers to sell my check-in luggage allowance to fellow passengers who have exhausted theirs. Pretty much everyone on a buying trip. And, no madam you can’t check that 52 inch flat screen.

Urumqi: shops_2

Thought for today – the tools to create after-markets for buying and selling (luggage) allowances. And the did-you-pack-your-own-luggage legality and other risks associated with making such a trade. And the likelihood that this will act as a barrier to the creation of such markets.