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Cut and Blow

Tashkent: barber's shop_1

A double barber’s shop sign on this Seoul street, a subtle indicator, if you know what you’re looking for, that sexual services offered in this barber’s shop in addition to the regular cut n blow.

Tashkent: barber's shop_2

One of the more interesting aspects of getting a haircut, shave or massage in some Chinese establishments (based mostly on experiences in the suburbs of second and third tier Chinese cities) is fielding attempts by the staff to ‘sell up’ from regular (non-sexual) services. Strategies range from the very subtle – a straying hand or sweet talk to crude school-ground humour, and depending on what the majority of its cliental choose – the ongoing sales pitch can be persistent. On one level it’s little difference from a McDonald drone asking whether you want fries or a shake with that burger. Super size me? Indeed.

Or not. Visitors to Beijing looking for a decent massage should head to Bodhi close to the workers stadium.

Cheers PK for the Seoul lo-down.