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Ihre Meinung

Tokyo: Feedback Card_1

Passengers clearing immigration in Frankfurt airport are given copious opportunity to feedback about the quality of service via this relatively lengthy form.

Jumping over to China – passengers arriving in Beijing airport can give immediate likert feedback on an electronic feedback tool – tricky to get a photo since its in Chinese immigration but very similar to this in the Gulangyu branch of the Bank of China.

For each mechanism: the motivation and satisfaction that comes from giving feedback; the extent that satisfaction is affected by immediacy; the likelihood that the feedback affects an outcome; and given that the opportunity to give feedback can engender the passenger with a degree of control, the extent to which the actual feedback is irrelevant i.e. the feedback mechanism is the message.

Tokyo: Feedback Card_2

Tokyo: Feedback Card_3

Japan immigration has just started photographing and fingerprinting foreign visitors. Welcome. Really.