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Tokyo: Light_1

The lighting set from Minimal Tokyo’s Spielfilm generating an algorithmic response to the sound – walking the line between abstraction and visual closure.

Tokyo: Light_2

In the future perfect clubbing experience – our ever sensor filled world has, for medical purposes and insurance discounts extended to monitor our bodies in real time – your heart rate, pupil dilation, body’s reaction to the world around you. How will tomorrow’s sound and light surgeons tap into this real time data to heighten and dampen your collective and individual experiences? Your mental and physiological responses to sound, light and your live-in grade A+ pharmaceuticals used as inputs to affect yourself, your possie, and anyone who taps into your feed.

In 2020 Tokyo Art Beat includes a real time emotion map of the city – highlighting the range and intensity of emotional experiences as they occur. That broad red blob? An encore at the Tokyo Dome. A momentary intense red followed by fade-to-grey? A fatal stabbing. Your decision of where to hang-out tonight influenced by real time experiences and historical data of the same.

And as with all of this stuff, how will promoters game the system by artificially stimulating experiences to encourage swarming?.