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Target Acquisition

Inglewood: Shooting

“Hits produce bright colours and circles”
“Colours indicate the hits in different zones”
“Eliminate the need for a spotting scope”

Simple lo-fi method of showing target acquisition – the use of under-the-surface colours in this Inglewood shooting range. And whether using a 12-gauge at close range, you actually need to know?

Ducking for cover in our present imperfect age of remote sensing and OTH radar, the criteria that are used to understand whether a target was successfully ‘acquired’. To what extent can remote-target-martyrs carry decoy proof-of-death? We live in an increasingly asymmetric world.

Inglewood: target

What’s a bunch of tree-huggers doing in shooting range? Firstly you’d be surprised at the number of dating couples havin’ a pop. Secondly, popular culture desensitizes gun culture, reality re-sensitizes. Next stop, emergency wards.

Cheers to the LA crew for the lo-down & making away from home feel like home.