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Figuring Out When to Sleep / Pace of Life

DC: smile

Sitting in O’Hare – waiting to catch the ANA flight back to Tokyo.

There’s a personal++ toll from being two weeks on the road and in the skies – not least of which is adjusting rolling times zones – the ability to function, communicate clearly is that much harder when you’re body clock is somewhere over Siberia or the Atlantic – that moment when a question comes from the audience and the mind urges sleep.

DC: shoes

A week ago today I was rushing to catch a connection in what I thought was Stockholm airport, by chance bumping into Mr. NFC Janne Jalkanen trying to make the same flight. After a fair bit of huffing and puffing we reach the gate.

“Getting stuck in Copenhagen would be a bitch on a Friday night”

“We’re in Stockholm”


There’s a message there somewhere.

DC: sidewalk

Today’s solution for re-syncing with Japan’s GMT+9? – stay up all night and crash on the plane. Cheers to the DC crew for taking it to the early hours. Mucho appreciated.