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Contextual Links

Helsinki: Notebook

Notebook given delegates of the 2007 LIFT conference – a tangible reminder of attending the event, the talks, peers, friends. In a world of ubiquitous connectivity it’s easy to create digital links between the object and the event itself RFID, printed URLs, 2D bar codes etc are all feasible in their own way, but what exactly would the conference organisers want to link this notebook to? To what extent can contextual understanding be utilized to link to more relevant information?

For example? If default the notebook links to the conference main site, whereas people currently or soon to be within the proximity of Seoul are re-directed to the LIFT evening at Yurim Art Hall (attendance is free, seats still available, sign up here). Accessing that link through my phone might pull up the phone numbers of people associated with the event Nicholas or Julian or Bruno even.

Side note: it appears the presentation downloads from research.nokia.com are currently giving page not found errors – working on getting this sorted. Cheers GC for the heads up.