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The Price of Privacy

India: privacy messages

Using local contact numbers during the field research lowers the communication barrier for would-be participants – and the arrival in a new city heralds in a new, temporary 10 digit identity (otherwise known as a phone number) for each member of the team. Within a day of activating the Hutch SIM card the barrage of spam starts – both text messages and automated calling (Interaction Voice Response).

Locals in the know send a text message to opt out, a process that, according to Hutch’s automated response takes at least three days to activate: “We respect your privacy. Please give us 72 hours to include your number on our Do Not Disturb list. Thank you” and an unspecified amount of time this to filter through to the companies that already have you on their disturb list.

The revenue generated by selling your privacy in the first place vs. the risk of losing you as a customer.

The inertia of changing utility suppliers – whether it’s for water, gas, electricity or personal connectivity. Disruptions – legal frameworks /emerging technologies that reduce/increase the inertia.