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A Length, Extended

Shibuya: fashion

An example of current fashion subtly pushing technology norms.

How? If you’re the kind of person that keeps your music player in your low-slung-jean pockets (Shibuya gent, above right) your headphones cable needs to stretch further. And if it long enough to connect then its more likely to pull out normal during use.

The replacement cycle for headphones vs low-slung jeans?

Lo-fi wireless connectivity such as Bluetooth, Zigbee, Wibree makes it easier to distribute technology that is connected by cable, around the person. The extent to which wireless connectivity positively affects some urban tribes more than others? And the reverse: the extent that the freedom to place an object in a wider range locations makes it easier to lose stuff. For example? Which demographic is more likely to misplace objects? Same question but based on context?