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Keyholes as Entry Point to the System

Geneva: an interface to what

But what functionality does the key hole represent? And what is the cost of finding out?

The way in which an object is inserted into another object affecting the way that the data on that object is treated by the device it is inserted into. Simple example? Your home computer has 2 USB slots – attaching your digital camera cable to the ‘secure’ slot automatically carries out a sequence of tasks such as copying and encrypting the data before wiping the memory card. Yes, potentially it severely limits the host device functionality – in what contexts is this beneficial?

Need more options? The ways in which memory cards (yeah, gosh, keys) are inserted into their host affecting what happens next. Variables? Whether the memory card is squeezed, rammed, pinched, stroked, caressed, or even held during insertion and copying process. Beyond the obvious what effect for memory card coitus interruptus? Hmm, definitely time to head out.

Last thought for the day: to what extent do memory cards remain embedded in one device or ‘migrate’ between devices? Between owners?

Ta Ben] for the loan of the finger.