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Stimulants, Packaging of Choice

Dushanbe: salesman

Nasvai, a local stimulant, sold in Dushanbe (Tajikistan) above, and the same product being punted in a Bukhara market (Uzbekistan) below. Both are widely available and are bought mostly by younger males looking for a bit of a kick. An article on nasvai use in Kyrgyzstan, including and eye-opening list of ingredients can be found here

In line with nasvia being a lifestyle-commodity, the Bukhara seller has customised the bags to include pictures of Britney and assorted local talent.

Dushanbe: products_2

Dushanbe: products_3

Khiva: products_3

Khiva: products_4

For every culture – products that take you from here, to a little bit out there.