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Anatomy of Mobile TV Use Cases

Presentation: Mobile TV, Personal Experiences

The slides for yesterday’s presentation on An Anatomy of Mobile TV Use Cases at the Annenberg Center for Communication can now be viewed here.

The presentation draws on a 2005 qualitative study into commercial S-DMB Mobile TV in Seoul, South Korea by Younghee Jung, Cui Yanqing and myself. These slides concentrate on only one aspect of the study – the three main use cases that were documented and explored – evening commuting, macro breaks and home use. Actually we uncovered a compelling fourth use case, but we’ll wait until a full research paper is published before revealing what it is.

A summary? Researchers and designers often talk about use cases but to what extent do the details of the experience need to be communicated to the project team (and in what formats) in order for these scenarios to be useful? What are the elements of the experience that can make or break whether new services move beyond early adopters? The devil is in the details.

Thanks to Mizuto Ito for hosting and to HyeRyoung Ok for carrying the conversation.