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Apartment, Typhoon

Xiamen: there's a storm brewing

An advertisement close to Xiamen University for an apartment with 2 bedrooms, kitchen and washroom space for1500 RMB (150 Euro) a month. I’ve not managed to get a photo of it yet but looking at the larger apartment blocks you know what apartment is for rent because a large banner with a phone number is draped over the balcony. The presence of the banner is enough to know the basic service that is offered (an apartment being rented), and the location of the apartment, the background colour indicates the company doing the renting, and the telephone number provides the contact information. The whose thing is stands out from the road below.

It’s a simple, direct, highly efficient form of advertising with limited downsides: the banner is a micro eyesore; and in cultures where squatting is common (not sure if China applies) and seen as a problem it identifies the exact apartment that can be squatted.

Meanwhile we’ve spending then next two days on data analysis. Outside its already raining heavily and getting heavier – there’s a chance that Typhoon Chanchu will hit our island. If it changes direction to Taiwan, we’re in its path. Update: more info here.