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Understanding Consequences, Affecting Actions

Hawaii: runs to ocean

Graffiti/sign stencilled close to many of drains in Hilo make it harder to ignore/easier to understand the consequence of inappropriate dumping.

Fast forward, same situation, but what happens when there are numerous objects embedded with a life-time’s worth of data; being able to identify (or partially identify) a person has been in proximity of that drain at a particular time; a framework of legal/social rules; and the ability to display dynamic signs based on that legal/social framework? Pro-active contextual street signage?

Given that some of the fun of life is in ignoring the (increased risk of the) consequences of some of our actions whether it’s smoking (whatever), extreme sports or simply crossing the road, how will this play out when the consequences of actions can be calcuated and projected to a person in real time? There are likely to be signficant cultural differences – in terms of issues like the respect for authority and the extent to which people take a fatalistic attitude to life.