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Captive, wanting to be free


If there isn’t a law about advertising to captive audiences there should be –
one hour waiting to clear customs watching an endless loop of Samsung
Mobile and Korea Tourist Board advertising. Perhaps this is what augmented
reality could come in – overlaying advertising spots with white walls and
calm? But if Samsung made the head mounted display that you used to
augment reality would it have a built in non-filter to still allow Samsung
adverts? Sometimes it all comes down to money and what the consumer is
willing to pay, or not pay as the case may be.

Spending just over a week in Korea to run the first half of a user study,
then tag with a colleague who will take over and debrief a week later. I
know what I know, but have a day or so to figure out some of what I don’t
yet know. Takes a fair bit of energy to understand how to work in and
gather appropriate data from a new environment. Where do people hang
out? What are conducive environments for observing xyz? What will interest
the folks back home? The primary study is all set to go, the side studies –
typically the stuff that becomes the value-added will emerge after a few
days. Value added can be anything from a blinder of an off-topic interview
to stumbling on a sub-culture that intentionally or otherwise relates to stuff
happening in other parts of the world. Joining up the global dots. One of my
favourites side themes is asking about what people lose or leave behind in
an environment, the implications of that loss and how they recover if at all.